Outbound at Biak na Bato

This is the last one for us, seniors. :(

This was yesterday at Biak na Bato, Bulacan. The trip going to Bulacan was long. It was about 3 hours from DLSC going to Bulacan. There were only 2 buses: bus 1 for sections A and B and bus 2 for  C and D.  Our assembly time in school is 5:45 – 6:00 AM. I woke up at 4:00 am and arrived at 5:45 am in school. I think we drove off to Bulacan at 7 am and arrived at 10 or almost 10, not quite sure.

First photo of the day. haha Mario, Alex and Allen. Before leaving the school we waited for Amiel and Bruce pa. Grabe ang layo talaga ng bahay ni Bruce. haha

We had a stopover at NLEX. I forgot if it was at Nlex or Slex. We dropped by Burger King and Cinnabon! Cinnabon is my favorite and it’s been long since I last had one!


I only bought one minibon. It’s enough for me :)

Finally, we arrived at the place. Time to exercise! That’s our Outbound educator in the middle.

We saw this sign near the sari – sari store. If you want to pee, poop, take a show or change you can rent their comfort room. My dad told me last night, pano kung may LBM ka? di 10 peos ng 10 pesos? HAHAHA And how will they know if you just pooped or peed? Some don’t poop long, ya know. Bahaha

Going to the first cave!

Mario and I

look it’s so greeeen 8D

There’s a carabao relaxing in the swamp or river haha i don’t really know

Here we are at the first cave! Look at the shape of these rocks. Ang galing hehe it was my first time to be in a cave. The caves in Biak na Bato are not just ordinary caves. These caves were used by the Katipuneros, the Filipino revolutionaries who fought for freedom against the Spaniards . Our outbound educator said that the Kastilas or Spaniards conquered our country for 333 years.

Because it was our first time to enter the caves, we had to offer a prayer to each cave.

This cave is called the “TANGGAPAN”. This is where they recruit Katipuneros.

With my classmates :)

This is kind of the outside part, the inside is in the right side

Our outbound educator, Kuya Jeff telling us some facts about this historic cave.

Look at the colour of the cave. I removed the flash to see the actual color. This is our school guard, Kuya Benjie and the local guide in the photo.

moving on..

Going inside cave number 2. We almost had to crawl just to go inside. This cave is called “TAMBANGAN”

This is where they ambush the Spaniards. According to Kuya Jeff, the katipuneros will trick the spaniards in to catching them but instead,  they get lost inside this cave and they die.

Inside the cave

The cave was so dark, there was no source of light. You would really need a flashlight inside. Our outbound educator also told us to turn off all of our flashlights and be quite. It was so so so dark and there was a sound daw produced by the cave according to our OE but i don’t think I heard it.

Going out of the cave was hard. The ground was muddy and not flat. The muds will stick to your shoes which will make it heavy while walking. We had to deal with small areas, high areas, stiff areas and more.

Here is Issa, Mary, Janine and Monica

going down…

there’s a ladder going up at the end and there were like four steps where you’ll step on the rock, parang rock climbing. I thought I can’t do it, scared that I might slide/fall hopefully, I didn’t.

After the ladder, yay!

There were two ladders. I think this is going to the second one. It was long  journey going out of this cave.

and finally, we survived!! Now heading to the third cave.

going up…

Welcome to cave number 3! This cave is called the “OSPITAL or PAGAMUTAN” This is where they cure the Katipuneros and this is the cave that has a flat ground but not totally. They say that the big rock in the middle is still alive. We weren’t allowed to hold and there are also drops of water falling from the rock above. Bawal din hawakan.

closer view

There were human bones in that cave. Some say that they were from the Katipuneros but there’s no really proof.

Closer view again. Mukang bulalo bones haha

The fourth cave is the  “IMBAKAN” this is where they put dead bodies.

Janine, Me and Jet

this is going back to the bus… They gave us time to wash our hands and shoes. While walking in to the water, there were carabaos when I turned to the left plus I saw one making wiwi! yuck. I panicked to get out but the OE said that it’s a down stream.. the pee won’t really reach you. Pero kadiri pa rin haha

The one standing is the one who peed. This carabao is actually intelligent cause my schoolmates tried to hit the carabao with a small rock (they didn’t really hit the carabao) but the carabao stood up and used it’s tail to throw water to my schoolmates haha

Another carabao came..

Before having lunch we drove off first to the Biak na Bato National Park. They allowed us to eat lunch at the park or at the bus. We ate at  the bus cause we think it’s easier plus there’s aircon haha

I had Kung Pao for lunch

The Holy Family Academy is also having their outbound at Biak na Bato

Guide map



Ritz found a green rock

Pre college students having fun in the water. Yes, the water looks dirty. I don’t really know if the water is brown but clean or brown and dirty. This actually an ongoing river.

We passed by a mini cave and dipped for like 2 mins.

After passing by this mini cave, we walked till we reached the river. We stayed there for 15 minutes. The water was cold and there were rocks everywhere. Going back, we saw this mural shrine.

We crossed the hanging bridge going back to the bus

Ritz and I. I miss my old classmate :P

Our bus

After dressing up, we headed to the pasalubong area. I had to use their toilet but it was so dirty so i didn’t totally pee.

There was this writing outside of the restroom. hahaha

and this is inside the restroom. There are two cubicles inside. I saw this sign at the right cubicle so it means, the snatcher is just only at the left cubicle hahaha there’s actually a window, pwede ka pa masilipan but i think they can’t reach the bag or the snatcher could be the next one to use the right cubicle. The left cubicle was not used because it was so much dirty.

I fell asleep while we were in Bulacan.  We left Bulacan at 5:48 PM. I woke up at almost 6:45 and we were still at Bulacan. After a few minutes, we reached the toll and then got to NLEX. We had a stop over at a gasoline station and raided seven eleven. This photo was after the raid hahaha We had a sing along and joke time inside the bus. Funniest joke: “Baboy ka ba? kasi gusto kita batuhin ng angry birds ko eh” haha

Last persons in my camera are Issa and Mario

These are all my photos. Whew, this entry is long. Our outbound fee by the way is Php 1,200. It’s was expensive but worth it.

Here are some tagged photos in facebook! 

First stop over at Shell, Nlex. Here at Burger King with Sir Kel.

We just got off the bus and the place was stinky. They say it’s the smell of nature… haha

Regine, Me and Issa. This is while washing our hands and shoes.

Only 10 students from each class were allowed to rappel. I volunteered asap. It was my first time and it was a bit scary at first when it’s time to let go.  When I was on the other side of the bridge, I told my guide to put me back cause I’m not relaxed with my position but my teachers said, hindi kaya mo yan. I was excited but scared haha

Halfway down. It’s kinda scary when you’re looking down

The positon was hard hahaha that’s why my smile and my look was like this. Rappelling was actually fun!

Our last water stop. The water was cold and it’s fun there but the first water stop was more fun even though I only stayed in the water for a couple of mins.

Stop over at NLEX and raided 7/11

Muka lang akong nakapang bahay. hahaha

Ohh it’s playboy =))

Photos from Sir MJ Encina

After the rappel, we had fun at the river. :)

Elaine, Isaac and I

Photo from Elaine Salvania

At our last water stop :)

Photo from Josephine Cutaran

We got to school at 9 PM. Almost 4 hrs of roadtrip going back. I won’t forget this outbound.

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